Why have Quakestar?

Over time, QuakeStar will result in improved public safety, improved resilience of buildings and cities and improved ability of owners and users to manage earthquake risk.

Improve safety of users and public

  • Market-driven retrofitting
  • New designs to above minimum standards

Improve resilience of buildings and cities/towns

  • Lower damage / Less disruption
  • Quicker recovery / return to productivity

Improve awareness of owners/users/public

  • Recognition that we live with earthquake risk
  • Improved earthquake risk management
  • Market value for good earthquake engineering

The proposed QuakeStar rating system aims to bring about changes in market approach to earthquake engineering and improve owner/user/public awareness of the value of earthquake engineering. In particular to:

  • Promote higher standards of retrofit and new design
  • Highlight the existence of low-rated buildings as a tolerable risk
  • Promote discussion and consideration of community resilience – through the damage and repair time ratings
  • Promote more informed and rational decisions on retrofit requirements and timeframes.
  • Help the property market to put a value on earthquake performance