Typical Ratings

Some indicative QuakeStar examples

REAL BUILDINGS - Based on existing reports and only partial information
QuakeStar Preliminary Assessments Summary - Office Buildings

Design %NBSQuakeStar ScoreSafetyDamageRepairExternal Factors
1950s6062★★3Robust MWD design but dated
1987100121★★★★★★★★4Stair details not checked
1988100133★★★★★★★★4Assumes no issues with floor support
Late 70s75100★★★★5Limited by façade detailing (**** otherwise)
19966571★★★★4Damage issues with floors and reclaimed site
19739088★★★★★★5Issues with separation, stairs
1973/20048097★★★★3Close to *** on Safety
19866554★★2Separation, column capacities
19869073★★2Stair issues. Otherwise **
1979/2004100100★★4Safety *** with no issues on stairs / floors
2002133161★★★★★★★★★4133%NBS means low impact at 500yr shaking
198611096★★★★★★3Issues with diaphragms / blockwall separation
Late 70s11080★★★★3Issues with floor supports and column detailing
70s /2007100110★★★★★★★★3

This table shows some indicative ratings based on existing assessments of some existing multi-storey buildings in Wellington and Auckland.  Not every aspect has been assessed to meet QuakeStar requirements but the table gives an indication of how buildings of different types and ages could rate.

Some indicative QuakeStar examples

IMAGINARY BUILDINGS - Including possible new designs
QuakeStar Preliminary Assessments Summary

Design%NBSQuakeStar ScoreSafetyDamageRepairComment
19304030URM with 40%NBS
19305040URM with 50%NBS
19605045Pre 1965 Reinforced Concrete with 50%NBS
2015100130★★★★★New IL2 Design - conventional
2015100130★★★★★★★★★New IL2 Design - with Base Isolation
2015100170★★★★★★★★★New IL3 Design - conventional
2015100170★★★★★★★★★★★★New IL3 Design - with Base Isolation
2015100230★★★★★★★★★★★New IL4 Design - conventional
2015100230★★★★★★★★★★★★★★New IL4 Design - with Base Isolation

This table shows some hypothetical examples to illustrate the full range of ratings – from a low-rated old brick building (URM40) to a modern building designed to IL4 requirements with the additional benefit of base-isolation which rates 5-star for Safety, Damage and Repair Time.